Aqueous Professional Carpet &
Upholstery Cleaning



It is so important to make sure that your curtains are cleaned on a regular basis as this will remove the dust that clings to the material. If this dust is not removed on a regular basis it could cause permanent staining to the curtains. Our entire curtain cleaning service is undertaken upon the customer’s premises whilst they are still hanging up at the windows, which is great if you are unable to take the curtains down yourself or if the material is unsuitable for wet cleaning.

The dry cleaning solution will be applied to the entire curtain and then it will be extracted using the powerful vacuum on the technician’s machine. A specially designed hand tool will be used to get into all the pleats and folds of the curtains. This will remove the dirt and dust leaving the curtains clean and fresh.


From a low costing fireside to a valuable oriental carpet we understand how important our customer’s rugs are to them. Rugs can totally transform a room within your property and therefore regular cleaning will not only ensure the dirt and dust will be removed but that the life of the rug will be prolonged and the colours will remain bright.

The cleaning method of any rug will totally depend on the fibres that it is made up of and the colours within the rug. The majority of rugs are totally safe with the hot water extraction method which is used for the cleaning of the carpets. However, occasionally, if the rug is made with a delicate fabric or many rich colours a more specialist type of cleaning may need to be carried out. Whichever cleaning method your rug requires you can rest assured that it will be beautifully clean and that the colours will become brighter.